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I don’t know what I’m


reverse engineering?

You took away my sight

then you took away my steering.

I can’t move a muscle

and I’ve turned God-fearing.

Whenever I see your smile

I can sense the end is nearing. 



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Barbecue ribs

stripped to the bone,

like a withered legacy

on a withered throne.


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The jingle jangle

of the jester;

court-appointed, mandated pester,

comic foil – your uncle fester,

performing clown, King’s patience tester.

On borrowed time, a short semester.

A smile as fake as polyester.

To face the throwing-fruit investors.


The vibrant colours

of the fool,

high-in-demand, stand in queue.

An easy target on his stool.

Knock him down, if you’re so cruel

to see him fall into the pool.

Teach a lesson not taught in school.

He’d rather play a game with rules.


Another go!


 ‘He wants more gruel!’



New Poem

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I rolled the dice

on a beautiful thing,

gambled all and won only

ribbons and string.

I took a chance  to double my odds.

Offended the heavens 

and angered the gods.

I siphoned money from the

bottomless pit.

Never stole, simply borrowed it.

I span the gun – the chamber loaded.

Shot down your trust.

Our love eroded.

Miss Jackpot sang the most wonderful


But of course – only after I’d left the room.