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Editing: Facts

In Talk on October 6, 2009 at 11:48 pm

Somebody once told me that Writers are Carpenters who use Words instead of planks of Wood, and, delving further into this metaphor, a sentence, paragraph, chapter, book, anything, once written is equivalent to let’s say…a Chest of Drawers, a Table, Wardrobe etc. It may have taken a few minutes, it may have taken you an hour! You might have done it without breaking into sweat, or your hand may be pricked with splinters, but either way Hoorah! The Job is done! The Carpentry complete. Only, it isn’t. Just look at your Chest of Drawers, your Table, your Wardrobe,  and what do you feel? Accomplishment? Good! You should. You’ve done a marvellous things! You’ve taken the most basic, rudimentary tools and you’ve fashioned something that works! Something that is necessary! Something brilliant! But slow down…It’s not finished, not just yet…Because you see EVERYTHING needs editing – try as you like, perfection is not a first-go thing – perfection is unrelenting dedication – perfection is seeing a Chest of Drawers stood there and seeing, as complete as it is, it needs a little something more…and what is that something more you ask? .. ..Simple.


Varnish is the extra something that turns a Table, a rough, basic Table into something sellable, something attractive – Varnish is the ingredient of Perfection, Editing is the ingredient of Perfect. And Look, you may decide to give your Table one coat of Varnish, two coats, three, four – however many coats you like until YOU look at it and see that warm, shining glow that says ‘Here is a TRUE Carpenter!’

I’ve been doing a lot of editing recently, A LOT, LOT, LOT, LOT of editing – so much so that I was beginning to hear those whispering doubts that usher in on those early mornings and late-nights of perpetual sore eyed dedication, mind-numbing dedication, soul-destroying dedication that says ‘Is it really worth it, Tom? – and I feel myself reeling back away from my keyboard, ready to leave Chapter One ‘Anecdotes’ alone – and then I spot it…a sentence I’m happy with. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to convince anyone who doesn’t care – but that there, that single sentence can mean the world to me…Just one sentence done right – and here it is sitting in a puddle of other sentences, whole chunks of text, paragraphs, pages that still need tending to, varnishing, but for this moment it doesn’t matter, and the feeling that it gives me is enough to satiate my passion forever more.  Truly. Even if it does kill me at times.

I just love what I do. Really I do. I’ve tasted how bad rejection can be and yet still I’m always salivating, constantly hungry for more, constantly writing, failing, winning. It’s all the same. Just remember that no writing is ever wasted. Never.

Tom x



In Talk on September 9, 2009 at 8:47 pm

Hello fellow Astronauts! Welcome to my blog. Here I invite you to join me in the very first non-stellar, non-interplanetary, non-expeditional voyage to space – and if space seems too far a stretch we can always settle for Manchester, Stockport.  The atmosphere is breathable (just!) The inhabitants are Humanoid (almost!) and our journey, with the best of luck, will be an easy navigation through – especially for intrepid explorers like ourselves. Still, practicing caution is as advised as always. We don’t want any one out before the journey begins, do we.

So buckle yourselves in as I, Captain T. Elliot, guide you through a marvellous mancunian bound vagabondage towards my starry eyed dreams of Literature post-haste.  Keeping you updated on my progress as I peruse the latinous star-charts of greater ambition and inching ever closer towards destination Published.

Come along with me. Space is fun, after all.

Yours sincerely, Captain.